Atlas of UTR Regulatory Activity

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DescriptionAtlas of UTR Regulatory Activity
Research centerCIBIO - University of Trento
LaboratoryLaboratory of Translational Genomics
AuthorsErik Dassi, Andrea Malossini, Angela Re, Tommaso Mazza, Toma Tebaldi, Luigi Caputi and Alessandro Quattrone
Release date2014

The Atlas of UTR Regulatory Activity (AURA),[1] now at its second version,[2] is a manually curated and comprehensive catalog of human 5' and 3' untranslated sequences (UTR) and UTR regulatory annotations.

It includes basic annotation, phylogenetic conservation, binding sites for RNA-binding proteins and miRNA, cis-elements, RNA methylation and editing data, and more, for human and mouse. Through its intuitive web interface, it furthermore provides full access to a wealth of information that integrates RNA sequence and structure data, variation sites, gene synteny, gene and protein expression and gene functional descriptions from scientific literature and specialized databases. Eventually, it provides several tool for batch analysis of gene lists, allowing the tracing of post-transcriptional regulatory networks.

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