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Highway 7 shield

Atlin Road
Yukon Highway 7
Route information
Length: 91.8 km (57.0 mi)
YT-7: 41.0 km (25.5 mi)
Existed: 1950 – present
Major junctions
South end: Discovery Ave in Atlin
North end: Hwy 8 near Jake's Corner
Highway system

Territorial highways in Yukon

British Columbia provincial highways
Hwy 6 Hwy 8

The Atlin Road is a road in British Columbia and Yukon, Canada. It is designated as Highway 7 in Yukon, and has no official highway number in British Columbia.

It was built by the Canadian Army from 1950 to 1951, connecting the village of Atlin, British Columbia, with the Tagish Road just one mile west of the Alaska Highway at historic mile 866 (Jake's Corner).

By the mid-1980s, the Yukon section had been improved, being wide and straight, while the B.C. section (which has no official highway number) was narrow, winding, with some less than optimum grades. Most of the section in B.C. runs along the eastern shore of Atlin Lake.

By 2000, the B.C. section had been improved and partially paved, while there have been complaints about the Yukon section.[citation needed]

By 2007 reconstruction had started on the Yukon section once again. The road has once again been widened and surfaced with a Bitumen Surface Treatment. The completion of the most recent reconstruction will be finished by 2016. By Spring 2014 only 5 km of road including two small bridges remain to be reconstructed.

From Atlin, there are area roads both to the east and the south.

The British Columbia section of the Atlin Road has since deteriorated into a rough winding gravel road with several patches of rough bituminous surface treatment.

Coordinates: 60°00′00″N 133°47′39″W / 60.000°N 133.7943°W / 60.000; -133.7943