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Atmakaraka (Sanskrit atmakaraka, from atma- 'soul', and karaka- 'significator' .) Atmakaraka is the significator of the soul's nature, purpose and desire in Jyotisha.[1][2]


The natural Atmakaraka is the Sun in all natal charts. The personal Atmakaraka is called the Chara Atmakaraka which is considered more important than the natural Atmakaraka (Sun) according to Jaimini's Astrology. Chara in Sanskrit means 'movable', and one of the following eight planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu) can be the Chara Atmakaraka, depending on its longitude within a zodiacal sign in degrees, minutes and seconds (00'00" to 29'59") in the natal chart.

This is based on Jaimini's Upadesa Sutras, also known as Jaimini Sutras in Chapter 1, First Foot/Subchapter (which is known as Adhikaar Sutras or Rules to be Followed).

Verse No. 10 in Sanskrit: “आत्माधिकः कलादिभिर्नभोगः सप्तानामष्टानां वा [जैमिनी सूत्रम् – प्रथम अध्याय प्रथम पाद श्लोक 10].

Sanskrit Transliteration: “Ātmādhikaḥ kalādibhirnabhōgaḥ saptānāmaṣṭānāṁ vā [jaiminī sūtram – prathama adhyāya prathama pāda ślōka 10].

English Translation & Meaning: Atmakaraka [Ātmādhikaḥ] is decided by determining the planet that achieved the highest degrees, minutes and seconds of the arc [kalādibhirnabhōgaḥ] from a group of either 7 planets (Sun to Saturn) or 8 planets (Sun to Rahu) [saptānāmaṣṭānāṁ vā] = Jaimini Sutram - Chapter 1, First Foot/Subchapter, verse No. 10 [jaiminī sūtram – prathama adhyāya prathama pāda ślōka 10].

Informations to be Noted: Sage Jaimini has clearly mentioned that it is the planet with the highest degrees, minutes and seconds (within any of the twelve signs) that should be taken as the Chara Atmakaraka.

Therefore it is right to conclude that the planet that has the highest longitude in terms of degrees, minutes and seconds is considered the Chara Atmakaraka.[3][4]

In Jaimini Astrology following karakas exist:

  1. Atmakaraka (Own Self, Soul, [Considered the strongest planet irrespective of exaltation, debilitation or combustion])
  2. Amatyakaraka (Intellect, Mind, Guide and Protector of the Atmakaraka and also represents the profession and Career of an Individual, [Amatyakaraka Planet can be considered of Equal Importance to the Atmakaraka]) If Atmakaraka is the King, then Amatyakaraka is the first Minister to the King.
  3. Bhratrukaraka (brothers, sisters and Siblings)
  4. Matrukaraka (Mother)
  5. Pitrukaraka (Father)
  6. Putrakaraka (Children)
  7. Gnatikaraka (Cousins and relations)
  8. Darakaraka (Husband, wife)

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra give an 8th karaka - Pitrukaraka; however, some only use 7 karakas. In Jaimini Astrology the sequence of the karaka planets are identified by the descending order of degrees, minutes and seconds.

The planet with highest degrees, minutes and seconds is the Atmakaraka. The next planet with lesser longitude (in terms of degrees, minutes and seconds) will be Amatyakarka and so on.

Since the lunar nodes naturally move in a retrograde/backwards way, deduct their longitude from 30 degrees, and the remainder is to be taken as the longitude of Rahu/Ketu.

In the case of two planets both having the greatest longitude in terms of degrees, then see wich one has the highest minutes and seconds of arc, then consider the planet with the higher minutes and seconds as the Chara Atmakaraka and the planet with the lesser seconds as the Chara Amatyakaraka.

The Janma Rasi, Janma Nakshatra and also the Navamsha Rashi in which the Atmakaraka and also the Amatyakaraka is placed, play an important role in determining the true nature of the person. His Soul structure, his deepest nature.


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