Arroz atollado

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Arroz atollado

Arroz atollado is a Colombian cuisine dish from Cali, Colombia and the surrounding area. It is a typical dish of the Valle del Cauca department. Apart from rice, it contains chicken, pork, potatoes of various kinds, vegetables and seasonings. Arroz atollado may be served with fried plantain pancakes, hogao sauce and sausages.[1]

This typical food has been initially inherited by the spanish. In colombia this delicious recipe was adapted mainly by the valley of the cauca and the coast. Initially it was elaborated in times of sowing and harvest by the guapires tribes.

The ingredients are easy to get, between them we have: two red peppers and two yellow peppers, two white onions two cups the diced tomatoes in small squares, carrot and pea, two cups of rice, two chicken breast, bacon or sausage and salt to taste. To prepare this recipe all types of meat are fried, then cook the vegetables, the chicken and the rice and finally everything is mixed. Kice is served with patacon or french fries. This rice is usually used on special moments

To be served people will enjoy a colorful appearance by vegetables and meats, also this recipe has a great flavor. It is salty and does not have a slightly creamy texture (bland) and some ofits meats can be crunchy. To finish this dish has been chosen as traditional in colombia, since it became famous for its delicious taste.


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