Atomic Chili

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Atomic Chili:The Illustrated Joe R. Lansdale
Atomic Chili Cover by Lansdale, Dorman.jpg
Cover art by Dave Dorman
Author Joe R. Lansdale, edited by Rick Klaw
Illustrator Designed by John Picacio, many artists contributed
Cover artist Dave Dorman
Country United States
Language English
Genre Graphic Novel
Publisher Mojo Press
Publication date
Media type Print graphic novel/trade paperback
Pages 300
ISBN 9781885418067
Preceded by By Bizarre Hands (1989)
Followed by Dog, Cat, and Baby

Atomic Chili: The Illustrated Joe R. Lansdale by Lansdale et al., (Klaw, ed.) (Mojo Press, 1998) is a collection of previously written stories by Joe R. Lansdale, adapted into comic book form by assorted artists and writers. The book was designed by John Picacio, and featured a cover by Dave Dorman.

Previous availability[edit]

Although a new collection, much of Atomic Chili's content had been previously available in some form. The Dead in the West adaptation by Neal Barrett, Jr. and Jack "Jaxon" Jackson had been published by Dark Horse Comics as a two-issue mini-series in 1991. "By Bizarre Hands", "Night They Missed the Horror Show", and "Tight Little Stitches" were also previously published by Dark Horse as the 3-issue By Bizarre Hands mini-series (1994).

Three stories had been previously published in collections from Mojo Press: "Trains Not Taken" was included in Wild West Show by Richard Klaw (ed.) (1996); "Steel Valentine" appeared in Weird Business by Joe R. Lansdale and Richard Klaw (ed.s)) (1995); and "The Grease Trap" had seen print in Mojo's debut title, Creature Features, by Richard Klaw (ed.) (1994).

"Pilots" and "The Job" originated in this collection.

Note that "The Grease Trap" was never printed as a text story and was originally published as a comic book story.


Also included is a gallery of ten artistic interpretations of Lansdale's creation God of the Razor. Contributors include: Stephen Bissette, Mark Nelson, George Pratt, Fernando Ramirez, Timothy Truman, and Michael Zulli.

Subsequent availability[edit]

Dead in the West was subsequently re-printed by Night Shade Press in 2005. (ISBN 1-59780-014-7)