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Coordinates: 25°0′11.37″N 121°31′35.51″E / 25.0031583°N 121.5265306°E / 25.0031583; 121.5265306

Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan
Xíngzhèng Yuàn Yuánzǐnéng Wěiyuánhuì
ROC Atomic Energy Council Flag.svg
ROC Atomic Energy Council Seal.svg
Agency overview
Formed 16 May 1955
Jurisdiction Republic of China (Taiwan)
Headquarters Yonghe, New Taipei
Employees 1,160
Ministers responsible
Parent agency Executive Yuan

The Atomic Energy Council (AEC; Chinese: 行政院原子能委員會; pinyin: Xíngzhèng Yuàn Yuánzǐnéng Wěiyuánhuì) is an independent government agency of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China (Taiwan) which is responsible for atomic safety, development and regulations. It also conducts research and development into atomic technologies.[1]


The agency was created in 1955 by the Executive Yuan. Since then, it has assisted industry in developing nuclear power for commercial use and allowed universities to conduct research into atomic energy.[2]

The agency is still primarily responsible for the supervision of nuclear power plants, nuclear facilities, and radiation workplaces. It also strictly implement the laws for nuclear safety control, radiation protection, environmental detection, and proper administration of radioactive waste management to ensure the safety of nuclear applications, general public and investigate applications for atomic energy.[3]

Administrative Structure[edit]

The agency is organized into the following areas.[4]


  • Department of Nuclear Technology
  • Department of Radiation Protection
  • Department of Nuclear Regulation
  • Department of Planning


  • Office of Security
  • Office of Personnel
  • Office of Accounting
  • Secretariat


Advisory Committees[edit]

  • Advisory Committee on Nuclear Legislation
  • Advisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety
  • Advisory Committee on Ionizing Radiation Safety
  • Advisory Committee on Radioactive Materials Safety
  • Supervising Committee on Nuclear Safety of the Lungmen Station
  • Advisory Committee on Nuclear Accident Investigation and Evaluation
  • Evaluation Committee on Research and Development Achievements
  • Advisory Committee on Handling of State Compensation Cases

List of Ministers[edit]

Hsieh Shou-shing, the incumbent Minister of Atomic Energy Council


The council is accessible within walking distance South West from Gongguan Station of the Taipei Metro.

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