Atomic Roses

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Atomic Roses
Atomic roses.jpg
Studio album by The Legendary Pink Dots
Released 1982
Genre Experimental
Label Illusion Productions (France)
The Legendary Pink Dots chronology
Brighter Now
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Atomic Roses

Atomic Roses is a 1982 album by The Legendary Pink Dots.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Of All the Girls..."
  2. "What's Next?"
  3. "Playschool"
  4. "Sex"
  5. "Closet Kings"
  6. "Spiritus"
  7. "Hauptbahnhof"
  8. "The Wrong Impedance"
  9. "Passing Thought"
  10. "Atomic Roses #1"
  11. "Ideal Home"
  12. "Atomic Roses #2"


  • Limited to 600 copies, and packaged in a 7" single sleeve with a booklet of drawings by Simone of DDAA.
  • All tracks were later re-released on the compilation Traumstadt 1.