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Aton Edwards

Aton Edwards is an expert in the fields of emergency preparedness, self-reliance and sustainable living. He is also an author,[1] inventor,[2] environmental/social activist,[3] television host, contributor [4][5] /radio commentator and the Executive Director of the International Preparedness Network (I.P.N.) [6][7]

International Preparedness Network (I.P.N.)[edit]

Early Ikhayatat design

The I.P.N. is a disaster preparedness/self-reliance training group designed to teach civilians how to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural, technological, environmental, civil, cyber, economic disasters. It specializes in the development of survival strategies for catastrophic emergencies such as global geophysical events,[8][9] pandemics[10] and nuclear, biological or chemical warfare.[11] Edwards and several friends created the organization in 1989. For the first year it operated under the name PRISM. In 1993, the name was changed to the International Preparedness Network.[12][13]

"ia" I.P.N. Training Protocol[edit]

Edwards is also the creator of a specialized preparedness/response/self-reliance system called "ia" [7] (pronounced Eye-Aay) short for Improvisational Adaptation. "ia" combines the full range of self-reliance, preparedness, outdoor survival, sustainable living, personal health, fitness, and self-defense into a discipline similar to a martial art.. "ia's" structure is based on the internal workings of an animal cell. Like a cell, Practitioners become self-contained units who use specific preparedness related tools, skills and information to stabilize and maintain their lives and environments during disasters. This process mimics the internal workings of organelles within an animal cell. Like the nucleus of a cell, "ia" places the individual at the center of their own self-reliance, personal preparedness, sustainable living, and disaster response program.

Television appearances[edit]

In the mid to late 1980's Edwards was a political stand-up comedian called Badd Guy. Edwards has performed on Showtime. Upon the re-opening of the Apollo Theatre in 1985,[14] Edwards was selected by Ralph Cooper Sr. as the first house comic after winning the infamous amateur night during an NBC special called Motown's 50th anniversary salute to the Apollo theater starring Bill Cosby.[14] In 2002 Edwards appeared on The Greg Giraldo Show on Comedy Central. At the time, Edwards used stand-up as a vehicle to present his views about the importance of preparedness. In 2007, Edwards appeared on a Current TV short called Aton's Top Ten.[15] In 2009, he appeared in the National Geographic special 6-Degrees.[16] In 2010, Edwards hosted the Discovery Channel documentary special Track Me If You Can. In 2001 he appeared on Fox News.[17] He has also been featured on MSNBC news and the Today Show as a contributor on disaster preparedness] self-reliance & security.[18][19]

On September 18, 2011, Edwards was featured in the Discovery Channel special How Will The World End, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Personal life[edit]

Edwards was once married to actress/comedian Kim Coles. He later entered into a common-law marriage with Ginger Davis.[13]

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