Atrevete a Olvidarme

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This article is about Brenda K. Starr's seventh studio album. For the Mexican telenovel, see Atrévete a Olvidarme.
Atrevete a Olvidarme
Atrevete a Olvidarme.jpg
Studio album by Brenda K. Starr
Released July 11, 2005
Recorded 2004-2005
Label Boss Entertainment
Brenda K. Starr chronology
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Atrevete A Olvidarme

Atrevete a Olvidarme is Brenda K. Starr's eighth studio album, released in 2005. The album consists of Salsa and Pop. All the songs give plenty of room for Starr's unique, charismatic vocals to shine. Includes the hit singles, "Tu Eres" and the title track. "Damelo" was also released as a single but it did not chart.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Tu Eres"  
2. "Te Voy a Enamorar" (Salsa)  
3. "Atrevete a Olvidarme"  
4. "Que Fue, Que Fue"  
5. "Damelo"  
6. "Te Voy a Enamorar"  
7. "Ya No Soy Igual" (Salsa)  
8. "Atrevete a Olvidarme" (Salsa)  
9. "Si Corazon"  
10. "Ya No Soy Igual"