Atrophaneura semperi

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Atrophaneura semperi
Atrophaneura semperi (male, verso).JPG
Scientific classification
A. semperi
Binomial name
Atrophaneura semperi
(C. & R. Felder, 1861)
  • Papilio semperi C. & R. Felder, 1861
  • Atrophaneura erythrosoma Reakirt, [1865]
  • Papilio semperi Rothschild, 1895[1]
  • Papilio aphthonia Rothschild, 1908
  • Papilio baglantis Rothschild, 1908

Atrophaneura semperi is a species of butterfly from the family Papilionidae that is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is the type species for the genus.

The wingspan is 12–15 cm. The wings are black. The body has red hairs. The underside of the hindwings contain some red markings. Females are dark brown with light pink markings on the upside of the wings.[2]

The larvae feed on Aristolochia species.


  • Atrophaneura semperi semperi (Philippines: Camiguin de Luzon, Polillo)
  • Atrophaneura semperi aphthonia (Rothschild, 1908) (Philippines: Camiguin de Mindanao, Dinagar, Mindanao, Siargao)
  • Atrophaneura semperi melanotus (Staudinger, 1889) (Philippines: Palawan, Calamian group)
  • Atrophaneura semperi albofasciata (Semper, 1892) (Philippines: Mindoro)
  • Atrophaneura semperi supernotatus (Rothschild, 1895) (Philippines: Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Panaon, Samar)
  • Atrophaneura semperi baglantis (Rothschild, 1908) (Philippines: Negros)
  • Atrophaneura semperi imogene Schröder & Treadaway, 1979 (Philippines: Sibuyan)
  • Atrophaneura semperi lizae Schröder & Treadaway, 1984 (Philippines: Panay)
  • Atrophaneura semperi sorsogona Page & Treadaway, 1996 (Philippines: south-eastern Luzon)
  • Atrophaneura semperi justini Page & Treadaway, 2003 (Philippines: Masbate)

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