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Atropos is one of the three goddesses of fate and destiny in Greek mythology.

Atropos may refer also to:

  • Atropos (Goya), an 1819-23 painting by Francisco de Goya
  • Atropos (journal), a UK-based journal for specialists in Lepidoptera and Odonata (butterflies)
  • A taxonomic synonym for Atropoides, a.k.a. jumping pitvipers, a genus of venomous snakes found in Mexico and Central America
  • A taxonomic synonym for Trimeresurus, a.k.a. Asian pit vipers, a genus of venomous snakes found in Asia
  • 273 Atropos, an asteroid
  • HMS Atropos, a fictional ship commanded by Horatio Hornblower
  • In chemistry, as a shorthand for atropisomer, which is a stereoisomer resulting from hindered rotation about a single bond