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Pronunciation A-tsu-ko
Gender Female
Word/name Japanese
Meaning Many different meanings depending on the kanji used.
Region of origin Japan

Atsuko (アツコ, あつこ) is a feminine Japanese given name.

Possible writings[edit]

  • 惇子, "sincere, kind, child"
  • 淳子, "pure, child"
  • 敦子, "kindliness, industry, child"
  • 篤子, "sincere, fervent, child"
  • 厚子, "thick, child
  • 渥子, "kindness, child"
  • 湊子, "port, harbor, child"
  • 集子, "collect, child"
  • 鳩子, "dive, pigeon, child"
  • 熱子, "passion, heat, child"
  • 温子, "warm, child"
  • 篤子, "kind, cordial, child"
  • 敦子, "honest, child"

Atsuko is generally used as a girl's name. It consists of 6 letters and 3 syllables. The final syllable "ko" is generally written with the kanji character for child, 子. It is a common suffix to female names in Japan and usually indicates that it is a girl's name as masculine Japanese names rarely use the kanj for "child".


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