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Attachmate Corporation
Fate Acquired by The Attachmate Group (April 18, 2005 (2005-04-18))
Founded Bellevue, Washington, United States (1981 (1981))
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, United States
Area served
Key people
  • Terminal emulator software
  • Interoperability software
  • Security software
Revenue US$400 million
Parent Micro Focus International

Attachmate Corporation is a 1982-founded software company which focuses on secure terminal emulation, legacy integration, and managed file transfer software. Citrix-compatibility[1] and Attachment Reflection[2][3] are enhanced/added offerings.

A series of acquisitions beginning in the mid-1990s led to the 2014 enfolding of the company as a subsidiary of the British software company Micro Focus International.[4][5]


Attachmate Corporation[edit]

Attachmate, founded in 1982 by Frank W. Pritt and Julia Pritt[6] focused initially on the IBM terminal emulation market, and became a major technology employer in the Seattle area.[7]


KEAsystems' KEAterm products were PC software packages that emulated some of Digital Equipment Corporation's VT terminals, and facilitated integrating Windows-based PCs with multiple host applications.[8][9] These included KEAterm VT340 and VT420 terminal emulators, and KEA X X terminal software).

KEA was acquired by Attachmate.[10]

DCA IRMA[edit]

Another acquisition was DCA (Digital Communications Associates)[6] (makers of IRMA line of emulators, INFOconnect, Crosstalk communications software, and OpenMind collaborative software).

DCA was also known for its 3270 IRMA hardware product (used for SDLC), and ISCA SDLC hardware adapters. They also supported driver downloads.

WRQ, Inc.[edit]

In 1981, Doug Walker, Mike Richer and Marty Quinn founded Walker, Richer & Quinn (WRQ) to integrate microcomputers with existing IT environments. The company set its sights on the Hewlett-Packard market, launching the first commercially viable terminal emulator for the HP 3000.

WRQ was acquired by Attachmate in 2005;[7] two subsidiaries, Express Metrix and NetMotion Wireless, had been spun off by WRQ in 2000 and 2001, respectively, and are operating successfully today.


NetIQ, founded in 1995 by Ching-Fa Hwang, Her-daw Che, Hon Wong, Ken Prayoon Cheng and Thomas R. Kemp, was a company that provided systems management and security management software. Their products included AppManager and Security Manager.

On April 27, 2006, AttachmateWRQ announced an agreement to acquire NetIQ[11]


In 2006 AttachmateWRQ acquired OnDemand Software,[12] developer of WinINSTALL, a product similar to AttachmateWRQ's existing NetWizard product.

Two years later Scalable Software acquired the WinINSTALL business unit (substantially all assets of the former OnDemand) from Attachmate.[13]


Later, the company also acquired The Wollongong Group (makers of Pathway TCP and Emissary).


In 2011 Attachmate acquired Novell, Inc[14] and let go hundreds of Novell employees.[15]

Novell now operates as two separate business units under the Novell and SUSE brand names and joins Attachmate and NetIQ as holdings of The Attachmate Group. Certain intellectual property assets are planned to be sold to CPTN Holdings, a consortium of companies led by Microsoft.[16]

Acquisition by Micro Focus[edit]

On 15 September 2014, the British firm Micro Focus International announced that it would acquire the Attachmate Group for US$1.2 billion in shares.[17][18]


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