Attack of the Awesome!!!

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Attack of the Awesome!!!
Attack of the Awesome!!!.jpg
EP by Patent Pending
Released July 25, 2009
Genre Pop punk
Length 25:00
Label StadiumRED
Patent Pending chronology
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(2006)Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine2006
Attack of the Awesome!!!
I'm Not Alone
(2010)I'm Not Alone2010

Attack of the Awesome!!! is an EP by American rock band Patent Pending, released in 2009. It features other artists such as Jeremy Carr. The album spawned one music video for the song "Drop Dead", which parodied the TV show Jersey Shore.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Anti-Everything feat. Jeremy Carr
  2. Air Underneath My Feet feat. Pat Brown
  3. The Way You Make Me Shake
  4. Dear Stacy I Hate You
  5. Drop Dead
  6. Sunset Summer
  7. Hey Six
  8. Therefore, I Party


The songs "Anti-Everything" and "The Way You Make Me Shake" are favorites among fans and are often played at concerts.