Attack of the Herbals

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Attack of the Herbals
Directed byDavid Keith
Written byAlisdair Cook
David Keith
Liam Matheson
StarringCalum Booth
Claire McCulloch
Steve Worsley
Richard Currie
Liam Matheson
Release date
  • May 11, 2011 (2011-05-11) (Cannes)

Attack of the Herbals is a 2010 Scottish horror comedy directed by David Keith[1][2][3] from a screenplay written by David Ryan Keith, Liam Matheson and Alisdair Cook.[4]

The film is about a group of locals who try to save Lobster Cove, their sleepy village, from disruption caused by a plan to build a new supermarket complex.


Set in a small Scottish village named Lobster Cove, the local community is enraged when a retailer is granted permission to build their supermarket complex on a nature spot. A crate is discovered washed up on shore and one of the group makes tea out of it.

Some of the local residents band together to create a herbal-tea cottage industry as a way to raise funds to fight the retailer. The tea proves incredibly popular and with its rejuvenating properties the elderly are finding a new lease of life. Unfortunately, there are side-effects.


  • Calum Booth as Jackson McGregor
  • Claire McCulloch as Jenny Robertson
  • Steve Worsley as Russell Wallace
  • Richard Currie as Steve Roadrunner Robertson
  • Liam Matheson as Bennett Campbell
  • Lee Hutcheon as Danny the Pincer


Attack of the Herbals was filmed in and around Aberdeen, Scotland, on a single Canon 5D with follow focus.[5] Much of the film focuses on the Aberdeen harbour area.[6]

The music is by Leah Kardos,[7] who collaborated with David Keith on previous works, two short films called "Demonic" and "Dead Funny".[8]


Camelot Entertainment Group have gained distribution rights to Attack of the Herbals. Darknight Pictures, a division of Camelot Entertainment, confirmed they were to auction Attack of the Herbals at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.[9]


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