Attack of the Killer Hog

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Attack of the Killer Hog
Directed by Agustín Cavalieri
Produced by Agustín Cavalieri
Written by Agustín Cavalieri
Starring Gabriel Grieco
Cinematography Fernando Zago
Edited by Agustín Cavalieri
Distributed by Epix Media
Release date
December 2000
Running time
107 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Attack of the Killer Hog is a 2000 Argentine horror film directed and written by Agustín Cavalieri and Marcos Meroni. The film premiered in December 2000 in Buenos Aires and was released also in Germany with an 18 certificate by Epix Media.


  • Agustín Cavalieri
  • Diego Contreras
  • Diego Ferraro
  • Gabriel Grieco
  • Soledad Irusta
  • Marcos Meroni
  • Juan Dardo Moreira
  • Christian Diego Palazzo
  • Verónica Pelaccini
  • Horacio Trenado

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