Attack of the Normans

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Attack of the Normans
Directed by Giuseppe Vari
Written by Nino Stresa
Starring Cameron Mitchell
Geneviève Grad
Ettore Manni
Philippe Hersent
Music by Roberto Nicolosi
Cinematography Marco Scarpelli
Vittorio Storaro
Release date
  • 19 October 1962 (1962-10-19) (West Germany)
Country Italy
Language Italian

Attack of the Normans (Italian: I normanni) is a 1962 Italian film set in England in the early 9th century. Viking incursions play a central role in the plot; "Normans" in the title is used in its original continental sense, meaning Viking.

This film was written by Nino Stresa and directed by Giuseppe Vari.[1][2]



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