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Industry Pornography
Founded 1996
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Michio Maruyama (丸山道央)
Products Pornographic films
Parent Hokuto Corporation

Attackers (アタッカーズ Atakkaazu?) is a Japanese adult video (AV) production company located in Tokyo, Japan.[1]

Company information[edit]

Attackers started as an independent ("indie") studio[2] but is now one of the companies that make up the large AV group, the Hokuto Corporation, which distributes Attackers video products through their DMM website.[3] The Attackers studio released its first four videos (with themes of sexual violence and rape) in February 1997 on the Shark label numbered SHK-001 to SHK-004.[2][4] Among early Attackers stars performing on the Shark label in the late 1990s were AV Idols Sally Yoshino, Kyōko Kazama and Yuri Komuro.[5]

The studio also started another imprint, Idea Pocket, to market its softer Angel series of cosplay videos which were first released in December 1998[2] including one, Angel 9, which starred Sally Yoshino.[6] Idea Pocket later split off to become an independent company.[7]

The company specializes in videos portraying simulated rape, torture and bondage.[8] The two main bondage genre labels are Jabaku (蛇縛) and Ryubaku (龍縛). The Jabaku series often stars well-known actresses and uses high production values and elaborate sets. The emphasis is on bondage and gagging with some light S&M.[9] The Ryubaku label was introduced in 2000 as a softer version of the Jabaku line with more consensual action and fantasy role-playing.[10]

The studio usually releases a total of about 10-15 original and compilation videos per month[11] and by September 2011, the AV distributor DMM (a division of the Hokuto Corporation) listed over 1500 Attackers titles in their catalog.[12] The general manager of the company is Michio Maruyama (丸山道央).[1]


Labels, past and present, used by the Attackers studio and the production code letters for each label:[13][14]

  • Attackers Anthology (アタッカーズアンソロジー) - ATA (VHS) & ATAD (DVD)
  • Attackers Best (アタッカーズBEST) - ATK (VHS) & ATKD (DVD)
  • Inmad (in mad) - ATI (VHS) & ATID (DVD)
  • Jabaku (蛇縛) - JB (VHS) & JBD (DVD)
  • Ryubaku (龍縛) - RB (VHS) & RBD (DVD)
  • Shark (死夜悪) - SHK (VHS) & SHKD (DVD)
  • Super Special - SSP (VHS) & SSPD (DVD)

Discontinued labels:

  • INFERNO (いんふぇるの) - INF (VHS) & DIF (DVD)
  • Gropers (ぐろーぱーず) - GR (VHS)
  • Ranpo (乱歩) or (らんぽ)- RRP (VHS)
  • 影 shadow (しゃどう) - DOW (VHS)


Directors who have worked with the Attackers studio include:[13]


A number of well-known actresses have appeared in Attackers videos:


Les Noir[edit]

The "Les Noir" series consisted of 5 original videos released from December 2005 to March 2007 on the Attackers Inmad label plus a compilation video from July 2007 on the Attackers Best label. All dealt with lesbian sadomasochism and bondage (BDSM) themes and all starred Sakura Sakurada as a dominant woman forcing young girls into lesbian acts. All five videos were directed by former AV actress Yui Koike (小池ゆい).[15]

  • Les Noir (レズノアール 肉奴隷調教飼育?)
    Released 12/7/2005 (ATID-068)
    Cast: Sakura Sakurada, Mayu Yamaguchi, Arisa Hatano & Moe Kimishima
  • Les Noir 2 (レズノアール2 肉奴隷調教飼育?)
    Released 4/7/2006 (ATID-080)
    Cast: Sakura Sakurada, Ruka Uehara, Mayura Hoshitsuki & Miyu Otohime
  • Les Noir 3 (Les-noir3 肉奴隷調教飼育?)
    Released 10/7/2006 (ATID-096)
    Cast: Sakura Sakurada, Misaki Asou, Miki Karasawa & Mai Kaoru
  • Les Noir 4 (Les-noir4 肉奴隷調教飼育?)
    Released 12/7/2006 (ATID-110)
    Cast: Sakura Sakurada, Kaya Yonekura, Ayumi Hasegawa & Ami Nishimura
  • Les Noir 5 (Les-noir5 肉奴隷調教飼育?)
    Released 3/7/2007 (ATID-114)
    Cast: Sakura Sakurada, Riko Sakura, Hotaru Akane & Azusa Nagase
  • Best of Les Noir (肉奴隷調教飼育 レズノアールBEST 4?)p
    Released 7/7/2007 (ATKD-103)

Slave Island[edit]

The "Slave Island" series began in December 2005 with the release of Slave Island (龍縛監禁凌辱スペシャル 奴隷島?) on the Attackers Ryubaku label (RBD-045). The video, starring Syuri Himesaki, Ryoko Mizusaki & Kyōko Kazama, and directed by Kenzo Nagira, won the Attackers Award at the 2005 Moodyz Awards.[16] A total of 12 original "Slave Island" videos were released between December 2005 and February 2008, all under the Attackers Ryubaku label. Two 8-hour compilation works were also released in October 2008 under the Attackers Best label. The plots involve girls being kidnapped by bogus recruiters and brought to an island where they are imprisoned and turned into sex slaves. The films depict a mixture of bondage, humiliation, simulated rape, forced fellatio and urination involving both lesbian and heterosexual sex.[17]

Other series[edit]

Other long-running series from Attackers include:[18][19]

  • Anal Rape Crime (アナル凌辱事件簿)
  • CinemaShow (淫魔CINEMASHOW)
  • Cyber Madness (電脳調教)
  • Please Make This the Last Time (これで最後にしてください。)
  • Rape in Turn AKA Brute Gang Rape (鬼畜輪姦)
  • Raped In Husband's Presence (夫の目の前で犯されて)
  • Real World
  • Slave Castle (奴隷城)
  • Slave Color's Female Teacher (奴隷色の女教師)
  • Slave Color's Fiance (奴隷色のフィアンセ)
  • Slave Color's Stage (奴隷色のステージ)
  • SM Live Show! (服従調教LIVE!)
  • Snake Bondage Gang Rape (蛇縛輪姦)
  • Snake Bondage Punished Female Slaves (蛇縛の拷問折檻)
  • The Lady Panther (女豹)
  • Women in Chastity Belt (貞操帯の女)

Moodyz Awards[edit]

Beginning in 2004, Attackers took part in the annual December Moodyz Awards. In 2004[20] and 2005[16] the studio presented separate awards to its own staff but from 2006 they have taken part in the general awards process with several other Hokuto Corporation companies.

AV Grand Prix[edit]

Attackers was one of the studios participating in the 2008 AV Grand Prix with the video Female Ninja Torture Rape 3 (くノ一拷問凌辱3 椿姫・極秘輿入ノ章?) [AVGL-002] starring Rin Aoki, Megu Ayase & Rin Hayakawa, and directed by Katsuyuki Hasegawa.[21][22]

For the 2009 AV Grand Prix, the studio nominated the video Young Female Student Confinement Rape - Brute Gang Rape (女子高生監禁凌辱 鬼畜輪姦 レイプの傷痕?) [AVGL-102] with Yuuka Kokoro, Mari Hida, Kasumi, Rin Agazuma & Hiyori Wakakusa, and directed by HiroA.[23]


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