Attaqwa Mosque

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Not to be confused with the At-Taqwa Mosque in Dayuan, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
Attaqwa Mosque
Attaqwa Mosque.jpg
Basic information
Location Chiang Mai
Geographic coordinates 18°47′31.32″N 99°0′25.36″E / 18.7920333°N 99.0070444°E / 18.7920333; 99.0070444
Affiliation Islam
Country Thailand
Status Active
Architectural type Mosque

Attaqwa Mosque (Sometimes spelled Attakkawa Mosque; Chinese: 訕巴契清真寺; pinyin: shànbāqìqīngzhēnsì, Thai: มัสยิดอัตตักวา; rtgsMatsayit Attakkwa) or San Pa Koi Mosque[1] (Thai: มัสยิดสันป่าข่อย; rtgsMatsayit Sanpa-khoi), on the east side of the Ping River in Chiang Mai, is one of the seven Chinese mosques in Chiang Mai Province.

It was first built in 1967, and finished in 1969 by a group of both Chinese and non-Chinese Muslims. The mosque also houses the first Islamic school in Chiang Mai, which maintains cultural and educational links with similar establishments in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.[2][3]


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