Attert (river)

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Atert zu Useldeng.jpg
The Attert in Useldange
Attert River Map.png
CountryBelgium, Luxembourg
Physical characteristics
 - locationThiaumont, Attert
 - elevation406 m (1,332 ft)
 - location
 - coordinates
49°48′54″N 6°05′46″E / 49.814933°N 6.09612°E / 49.814933; 6.09612 (Attert mouth)Coordinates: 49°48′54″N 6°05′46″E / 49.814933°N 6.09612°E / 49.814933; 6.09612 (Attert mouth)
Length38 km (24 mi)
Basin size299 km2 (115 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionAlzetteSauerMoselleRhineNorth Sea
River systemRhine

The Attert (Luxembourgish: Atert) is a river flowing through Belgium and Luxembourg, left tributary of the Alzette. Its length is 38 kilometres (24 mi), of which 32 kilometres (20 mi) are in Luxembourg and 6 kilometres (4 mi) in Belgium. Its source is in Nobressart, north-west of Arlon, in the Belgian province Luxembourg. It flows into the river Alzette at Colmar-Berg. It flows through the village of Attert in Belgium, and the towns of Redange, Useldange, Boevange-sur-Attert, and Bissen in Luxembourg.