Attic Lights

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Attic Lights
Origin Glasgow, Scotland
Genres Indie rock
Power pop
Years active 2005–present
Labels Island Records
Elefant Records
Members Kev Sherry
Colin McArdle
Jamie Houston
Noel O'Donnell
Past members Jim Lang
Tim Davidson

Attic Lights are a Scottish indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, formed in 2005 by Kev Sherry (vocals, guitar), Colin McArdle (vocals, bass) and Jamie Houston (guitar, keyboard, vocals), later joined by Tim Davidson (guitar, pedal steel) and Noel O'Donnell (drums, glockenspiel, vocals). The four-part harmonies in a number of their songs have led to critical comparisons with Teenage Fanclub[1] and The Beach Boys. Their guitar heavy powerpop has been compared to alternative rock bands such as Weezer, R.E.M. and The Lemonheads.[2]

A series of independent releases and live performances, including a well-received appearance at the 2007 T in the Park festival,[3] led to a bidding war between major labels.[4] The band signed with Island Records,[5] and released their debut album, Friday Night Lights, in October 2008.


Attic Lights began by rehearsing and recording demos in (vocalist / bassist) Colin McArdle's attic in Springburn, Glasgow. They played the Glasgow circuit and toured small venues throughout the UK before being signed to Island Records in 2007.

In July 2008, Attic Lights appeared on the BBC's The Culture Show in a live performance and interview[6] and had their Somerset House gig filmed and broadcast live on Channelbee. In October 2008 the band began to tour with Paul Heaton and Cerys Matthews. On 21 October 2008, Attic Lights invited fans via their MySpace page to be in their music video for their single "Late Night Sunshine". On 13 October 2008, the band's debut album, Friday Night Lights, was released to positive reviews.[by whom?] The CD single version of "Bring You Down" featured remixes by fellow Glaswegians Mogwai and Camera Obscura.[7]

Attic Lights saw in 2009 by playing at the Edinburgh Princes Street Hogmanay celebrations. They followed this with a UK and Ireland tour supporting Camera Obscura. With the relaunch of the new series of Minder on Five, the band re-recorded the program's signature theme tune. This was previously sung by Dennis Waterman (who starred in it as Terry McCann, the original 'minder').[8]

The group recorded a cover of fellow Glaswegians Strawberry Switchblade's "Since Yesterday" for a TV campaign advertising the STV Jobs website, which launched in January 2010 and ran throughout the year.[9]

In 2012, the band signed with Elefant Records. On 1 April 2013, Attic Lights released new single, "Say You Love Me" on Elefant Records. This was followed in May by the release of the band's second album, Super De Luxe.[10]

In July 2013, Attic Lights opened the main stage at the Benicassim Music Festival and followed this up in September headlining the Lemon Pop festival in Alicante, Spain.[11]

In March 2014, the band released the single "Orbison", a tribute to Roy Orbison with an accompanying music video featuring reworked scenes from David Lynch's Blue Velvet. The video also featured pop culture homages to the film The Man Who Fell To Earth, the writings of Michael Kelly and the music video for the Roy Orbison song, I Drove All Night.[12]

In August 2014 Attic Lights performed on the main stage of the Party At The Palace festival in Linlithgow, Scotland alongside a bill of Scottish acts including Deacon Blue, Frightened Rabbit, Simple Minds and The View.[13]

In 2015 Attic Lights released a single in conjunction with Spanish indie pop act La Casa Azul. The single contained a remix of the Super De Lux album track Future Bound and a brand new song entitled War Years about the gay rights struggle.[14]


Studio albums[edit]


  • "Attic Lights" - (EP UK 2005)
  • "Shiver the Trees" - (EP UK 2006)
  • "Martin" - (7" UK 2006)
  • "God" - (7" UK 2007)
  • "Never Get Sick of the Sea" - (2008)
  • "God" - (2008) (re-release)
  • "Bring You Down" - (2008)
  • "Wendy" - (2008)
  • "Santa's Girlfriend" - (2008)
  • "Late Night Sunshine" / Minder Theme Tune - "I Could Be So Good For You" - (2009)
  • "Say You Love Me" - (2013)
  • "Orbison" - (2014)
  • "Future Bound/War Years" - (2015)


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