Attica (novel)

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Author Garry Kilworth
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Fantasy
Publisher ATOM
Publication date
March 2006
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 348 pages
ISBN 1-904233-55-4

Attica is a 2006 children's fantasy novel by the British writer Garry Kilworth.

Plot summary[edit]

12-year-old Chloe and her brothers: Jordy, 12, and Alex, 10, have the adventure of a lifetime.

Chloe and Alex's father died of a heart attack when they were just 8 and respectively, 6. Their mother, Dipa has been trying to find a new husband since her children's father died. When she does, the kids have a surprise: they are gonna have a new brother. Jordy, three months older than Chloe, is the exact opposite of Chloe and Alex, so they are not so happy when they find out their family enlarges to five members.

Ben, Jordy's father and Chloe and Alex's stepfather is a paramedic and Dipa, a doctor, so the kids are used not having their parents at home. But when they move to Winchester to a rented apartment everything is going to change. Mr. John Grantham, the old man that rented them half of the house he lives in, tells Chloe about the girl he loved in the 1930s and 1940s. Susan married a much richer and older man. Though, Susan gave him a clock that sings Frère Jacques, a clock that he cannot find. Chloe offers to take her brothers and go in the attic and so the adventure begins.

On their way, Chloe, Jordy and Alex discover all sorts of dark secrets of the attic, that they named "Attica", and all sorts of weird characters, such as Atticans, a weird race of creatures with bumps on their heads that think that all humans are ghosts and monsters of the Attic.


  • Chloe, born September 1994, main character
  • Alex, born 1996, main character
  • Jordy, born July 1994, main character