Attica Prefecture

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This article is about the former prefecture of Central Greece. For the modern administrative region, see Attica (region). For the historical region, see Attica. For other uses, see Attica (disambiguation).
Division of the prefecture of Attica

Attica Prefecture (Greek: Νομὸς Ἀττικῆς) was a prefecture of Greece, established from the Attica and Boeotia Prefecture in 1899. From 1971, it consisted of the following prefectural-level administrations (nomarchies):

  1. Athens
  2. East Attica
  3. Piraeus
  4. West Attica

It was the only prefecture subdivided like this and in many contexts the sub-units were regarded as prefectures. Attica Prefecture was administered as part of Central Greece until 1987, when it was established as an administrative region in its own right.