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Attila TV Miniseries.jpg
Directed by Dick Lowry
Produced by Paul Lichtman
Robertas Urbonas
Written by Robert Cochran
Starring Gerard Butler
Powers Boothe
Simmone Mackinnon
Music by Nick Glennie-Smith
Edited by Tod Feuerman
Distributed by Universal Studios
Release date
Running time
177 min.
Country United States, Lithuania
Language English

Attila (also known as Attila the Hun in the UK) is an American TV miniseries set during the waning days of the Western Roman Empire, in particular during the invasions of the Huns in Europe.


The miniseries tells the story of one of the most ferocious warriors in the world, Attila the Hun, who violently assumes Hun leadership and unites the warring clans under his banner. It also tells the story of Flavius Aetius, one of the so-called "Last of the Romans" who worked vigorously for years to keep the dying Western Roman Empire intact in the face of constant barbarian onslaught.


Home Media[edit]

The miniseries was released on DVD November 5, 2002 by Universal.

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