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Attila Mina 1979.jpg
Studio album by Mina
Released 1979
Recorded at GSU studios in Lugano
Label PDU
Producer Massimiliano Pani

The album[edit]

Attila is an album by Italian singer Mina, issued in 1979.

Released as a double album in the winter of 1979, Attila was an immediate success and is one of the top 3 best-selling albums of the singer's career.[1] At just sixteen years old, Mina’s son Massimiliano Pani made his debut as a songwriter with two tracks entitled: Sensazioni and Il vento.

Anche un uomo was the ending theme of the TV quiz show Lascia o raddoppia? [2] written by Mike Bongiorno, Anselmo Genovese and the famous "Mr. No" Ludovico Peregrini.[3]

Don’t take your love away is a cover of a song written by Isaac Hayes. The song is also the longest track recorded by Mina.

The track Un po' di più 'was originally sung by Patty Pravo and included on her album Sì... incoerenza in 1972.

The song Rock and roll star and Anche tu were also recorded by Mina is Spanish under the titles Estrella del rock e También tù , respectively. These two songs were included on the Spanish version of '‘Attila'’.

The album cover is signed by Luciano Tallarini, on photographs of Mauro Ballets reworked with the airbrush by Gianni Ronco. The album cover won the prize for best cover of the year and is displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.,[4][5]

Track listing[edit]


1."Tiger Bay"Julie Scott, Beppe Cantarelli6:51
2."Ma ci pensi"Nino Romano, Federico Monti Arduini4:15
3."Se il mio canto sei tu"Paola Blandi, Beppe Cantarelli4:24
4."Non tornerò"Paola Blandi, Beppe Cantarelli6:31
5."Che novità"Firmo Rizzini, Danidy4:54
6."Bonne nuit"Andrea Lo Vecchio , Shel Shapiro3:12
7."Sensazioni"Valentino Alfano, Massimiliano Pani4:47
8."Un po' di più"Sergio Bardotti, Shel Shapiro3:56
9."Il vento"Massimiliano Pani, Valentino Alfano4:56

CD. 2[edit]

1."Don't Take Your Love Away"Lee Hatim, Isaac Hayes9:08
2."Rock and Roll Star"Andrea Lo Vecchio, Shel Shapiro3:32
3."Fiore amaro"Enrico Riccardi4:06
4."Sei metà ft. Beppe Cantarelli"Paola Blandi, Beppe Cantarelli5:21
5."Anche tu"Cristiano Minellono, Beppe Cantarelli4:59
6."Street Angel"Bobby Hart, Bobby Weinstein, Teddy Randazzo4:47
7."Che volgarità"Cristiano Malgioglio, Corrado Castellari3:44
8."Anche un uomo"Mike Bongiorno, Ludovico Peregrini, Alberto Testa, Anselmo Genovese4:51
9."Shadow of My Old Road"Firmo Rizzini, Danidy4:06


  • Rudy Brass – track 5 (disc 1) / track 9 (disc 1)
  • Beppe Cantarelli – tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 9 (disc 1) / tracks 4, 5 (disc 2)
  • Giulio Libano – track 2 (disc 1)
  • Mike Logan – track 3 (disc 2)
  • Massimo Salerno – track 6 (disc 2)
  • Shel Shapiro – tracks 6, 8 (disc 1) / tracks 1, 2 (disc 2)
  • Celso Vallitrack 8 (disc 2)