Attilio Albergoni

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Attilio Albergoni
Born Attilio Albergoni
(1949-01-31)January 31, 1949
Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Occupation Military researcher, novelist
Nationality Italian
Period 1949
Genre history

Attilio Albergoni (January 31, 1949) is a prolific Italian military researcher and writer.


For nearly two decades conducting historical research, iconographic and documentary, in archives in Italy, USA, Germany, England, France about Sicily and especially about the city of Palermo during the years 1930 and 1940, with insights on the period that saw heavily involved in the events of World War II. The daily life of the population in those years and all the world created by the atypical war that revolved around it, has remained largely forgotten, but it is still an integral part of the past, terrible and difficult years, are the key to understanding the in which we live.


He has held various positions, such as Cultural Director of the Photographic Section of the Museum of the Sea – Arsenal Borbonico Palermo, President of SIPBC (Italian Society for the Protection of Cultural Heritage) section of Sicily, and he is currently President of the Associazione Culturale. In recent years, he has supervised the preparation of photographic exhibitions, documentaries (even abroad), written books and articles for newspapers and magazines, and he has spoken at meetings and conferences.

In 1998, at the Museum of the Sea of Palermo, he established a Section on photography with the catalog, the "VI Biennale Internazionale del Mare in Castel dell'Ovo in Naples. In 2000, he published a book called "Tales of Palermo'43". In 2001, he was the curator of the exhibition of scientific photography, the documentary "The Italian Navy in the first half of the '900 ', held at the arsenal of the Royal Navy Borbonica – Museo del Mare di Palermo. In 2003, he was the scientific curator of the photographic exhibition, documentary "Beyond any time", at the 60th anniversary of the bombing on May 9, 1943 of the city of Palermo. From November 2003 to February 2004, the Giornale di Sicilia (Sicily Daily) published a weekly series of 30 posters and articles titled "The wings of Palermo" with images of ancient and modern aircraft, designed in collaboration with the architect Cesare Calcara. On December 18, 2004, for the types of SIGMA Editor, he published the book "Palermo Images of Memory: 1937 to 1947 – Anthology of a Decade", which is co-author with the architect Vincenzo Crisafulli. In December 2006, he published a CD-Rom interactive book "Military architectures strongholds in the territory of Palermo", which was the history of Italian military strongholds during the Second World War. In 2008, he published a book of short stories, called "The Puparo of Marina Square, which were stories of Sicily (Carabinieri Reali) in the early 40's.





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