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Attitudes was a rock band from Los Angeles consisting of keyboardist David Foster, guitarist Danny Kortchmar, bass guitarist Paul Stallworth and drummer Jim Keltner.[1] Its four members came together while working as session musicians during the recording of George Harrison's album Extra Texture (Read All About It).[1] One single by the band, "Sweet Summer Music" reached #94 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976.[2] James Taylor later covered their single "Honey Don't Leave L.A." and that version reached #61 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978.[3]

Band members[edit]


  • 1976: Attitudes (UK AMLH 22008) (USA SP22008) (Japan KING GP-289)
  • 1977: Good News (UK K 56385) (USA DH 3021) (Japan WARNER P-10386D)


  • 1975: "Ain't Love Enough" / "The Whole World's Crazy" (UK AMS 5504) (USA DH 10004)
  • 1976: "Honey Don't Leave L.A." / "Lend a Hand" (USA DH 10008)
  • 1976: "Sweet Summer Music" / "If We Want To" (UK AMS 5508) (USA DH 10011)
  • 1977: "Sweet Summer Music" / "Being Here with You" (USA DRC 8404)
  • 1977: "In a Stranger's Arms" / "Good News" (USA DRC 8452)

Album details[edit]


All songs produced by Lee Kiefer and Attitudes.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1
  1. "Ain't Love Enough" (David Foster, Brenda Gordon Russell, Brian Russell)
  2. "Street Scene" (Danny Kortchmar)
  3. "A Moment" (Foster, Jim Keltner, Kortchmar, Paul Stallworth)
  4. "You and I Are So in Love" (B.J. Cook, E. Mercury)
  5. "Squank" (Foster, Keltner, Kortchmar, Stallworth)
Side 2
  1. "Lend a Hand" (Stallworth)
  2. "Chump Change Romeo" (Kortchmar)
  3. "First Ballad" (Foster, Keltner, Kortchmar, Stallworth)
  4. "Honey Don't Leave L.A." (Kortchmar)
  5. "In the Flow of Love" (Gilbert Bottiglier, Chuck Higgins Jr., Stallworth)


Additional Musicians

Good News[edit]

Produced by Jay Lewis and Attitudes.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1
  1. "Being Here with You" (Foster, Keltner, Kortchmar, Stallworth)
  2. "Drink My Water" (B. G. Russell, B. Russell)
  3. "Sweet Summer Music" (Bottiglier, Higgins Jr., Stallworth)
  4. "Let's Talk Turkey" (Kortchmar)
  5. "Foster's Frees" (Foster)
  6. "Turning in Space" (Brown, Higgins Jr., Stallworth)
Side 2
  1. "Change" (Stallworth)
  2. "In a Stranger's Arms" (Kortchmar)
  3. "Manual Dexterity" (Kortchmar)
  4. "Promise Me the Moon" (Kortchmar)
  5. "Good News" (Stallworth)


Additional Musicians


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