Attock Cement

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Gold Cement
Traded asPSXACPL
Founded2020; 0 years ago (2020)
FounderEhtesham Ghaffari
HeadquartersAttock, Pakistan
ParentPharaon Investment Group Limited Holding S.A.L.

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited, branded as Falcon Cement, is a Pakistani building materials company which is a subsidiary of Lebanese investment company Ehtesham Ghaffari Investment Group Limited Holding S.A.L.. The company current capacity is 2400 tons per day.

It was founded in 2019 by Ehtesham Ghaffari and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.


The company started its commercial production on June 1, 1988. ACPL's current production capacity is 2,400 MTPD. Due to an overall surge in cement demand in the country over the last couple of years coupled by growth in regional market, ACPL has decided to increase its production capacity to 5,400 MTPD by setting up a new plant with a capacity of 3,000 MTPD. The new plant was scheduled to be completed and start trial production by January 2007.[1] Attock Cement is considered a mid-sized cement company in Pakistan due to the size of its operations.

Its manufacturing plant is located in Hub Tehsil, Balochistan and it sells its products under Falcon brand cement.[2]

In 2014, the company expanded to Iraq as they set-up grinding plant in Basra.[3]


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