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Attorney-General of
the Republic of Singapore
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Lucien Wong

The Attorney-General of Singapore is the legal adviser to the government of the Republic of Singapore and its public prosecutor.

The office was founded in 1867 as the chief legal officer of the British crown colony of the Straits Settlements. The current requirements for appointment as Attorney-General are set out in the Singapore Constitution.[1] Unlike some other countries that follow the Westminster parliamentary model, in Singapore the Attorney-General is not a member of Parliament. He carries out his functions, with the assistance of his deputy, known as the Solicitor-General, through the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Prior to 1867 the law officer of Singapore was the Recorder of the Prince of Wales Island, Malacca and Singapore (1826 to 1855), the Recorder of Singapore (1855 to 1864) and the Crown Counsel of Singapore (1864 to 1867).

List of office holders[edit]

Recorders of Penang [2][edit]

Recorders of Penang, Singapore, Malacca [4][edit]

Recorders of Singapore, Malacca [5][edit]

Recorder of Singapore/Crown Counsel of Singapore [6][edit]

Attorney-General of Singapore[7][edit]

Kensatku-Kan (Attorney-General and Public Prosecutor of the Japanese Administration)[edit]

Chief Legal Officer, British Military Administration[edit]

Attorney-General of the Crown Colony of Singapore[edit]

State Advocate-General of the State of Singapore[edit]

Attorney-General of the Republic of Singapore[edit]

V. K. Rajah, who became Attorney-General on 25 June 2014, attending a symposium at the University of Hong Kong in November 2010 when he was a Judge of Appeal


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