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The Attorney General of Uganda is the principal legal adviser to the government of Uganda. The office of the attorney general, is a cabinet-level government position in the country. The incumbent, William Byaruhanga, was appointed on 6 June 2016.[1]


In the past, the office of the attorney general was combined with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (Uganda), with one cabinet minister serving both functions.[2] Later, the two portfolios were de-coupled and two separate cabinet ministers were appointed.[3]

Attorneys General of Uganda (since 1962)[edit]

Attorneys General of Uganda (prior to independence in 1962)[edit]

  • Ralph Leonard Emmanuel Dreschfield: <1955 to 1962
  • ___? Henderson: c.1951
  • James E. Gregg: 1943 to ?
  • Major-General Sir Ralph Hone: 1937 to 1943
  • Sir Sidney Solomon Abrahams: 1925 to 1928 (afterwards Attorney General of the Gold Coast, 1928)
  • Alan Frederick Hogg: 1918 to 1924
  • Donald Kingdon: ? to 1918

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