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Atua district comprising the eastern third of Upolu Island on map of 1924
Atua district comprising the eastern third of Upolu Island on map of 1924
Map of Samoa showing Atua district
Map of Samoa showing Atua district
Country  Samoa
Time zone -11

Atua is the most ancient district of Samoa, now consisting of most of the eastern section of Upolu but also traditionally incorporates Tutuila and once all of Upolu and Savaii. The head of the district is the sub district of Aleipata (Ao)Eastern part, The back at Lufulufi Anoamaa northern part, The Tail or I'u at Falealili at the south western end of Atua. The district has a population (2001 Census) of 21,168.

The paramount lineage is the Tui Atua line. Traditionally, and from the formation of Atua all honours came from Leifi Ao o Atua (supreme head) who left his younger cousin Tui Atua Polailevao c. 1300 to care for Leifi's malae of Lalogafuafua, Lufilufi. Lalogafuafua being the main central meeting malae of all of Atua district. Also the malae where all Tui Atua Titles are correctly bestowed.

It is timeless Atuan protocol for the Tui Atua title-holder to appointed by LEIFI once correct lineage had been established, and a suitable candidate found. So was the way with Samoa's first female Tui Atua named Salamasina. Salamasina's predecessor Tui Atua Faatulou Matautia who had requested from LEIFI to allow his reign to be continued through his niece Salamasina c. 1450-1500.

The Tui Atua is one of the most ancient lineages in Samoa only predated by Tui Manu'a. Tui Atua alone are direct lineage heirs of the Tagaloalagi line of kings. The other ancient lines are the Tui Manu'a and the Tui A'ana.

Coordinates: 13°57′S 171°38′W / 13.950°S 171.633°W / -13.950; -171.633