Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant

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Atucha I nuclear power plant
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Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant is located in Argentina
Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant
Official name Central Nuclear Juan Domingo Perón
Country Argentina
Location Lima, Buenos Aires
Coordinates 33°57′48″S 59°11′11″W / 33.96333°S 59.18639°W / -33.96333; -59.18639Coordinates: 33°57′48″S 59°11′11″W / 33.96333°S 59.18639°W / -33.96333; -59.18639
Status Operational
Construction began 1968
Commission date 1974
Construction cost $1.3 Billion
Operator(s) Nucleoelectrica Argentina
Nuclear power station
Reactor type PHWR
Reactor supplier Siemens
Power generation
Make and model Siemens
Thermal capacity 1,179 MWt
Nameplate capacity 357 MW
Annual output 2,397 GW·h

Atucha I is one of three operational nuclear power plants of Argentina. It is located in the town of Lima, Zárate, Buenos Aires Province, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) from Buenos Aires, on the right-hand shore of the Paraná de las Palmas River.

The plant is a pressurized heavy-water reactor (PHWR). It employs a mixture of natural uranium and enriched uranium (0.85% of 235U), and uses heavy water for cooling and neutron moderation. It has a thermal power of 1,179 MWt, and generates 357 MWe of electricity, which is delivered at 220 kilovolts to the Argentine Interconnection System, supplying about 2.5% of the total electricity production (2005).

Atucha I was started in 1968 and began operation in 1974; it was the first nuclear power plant in Latin America.

On 25 March 1973, before its completion, the plant was temporarily captured by the People's Revolutionary Army who stole a FMK-3 submachine gun and three .45 caliber handguns. When they retired they had a confrontation with the police, injuring two police officers. [1][2]

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