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Atwater may refer to:


Atwater is the name of several geographic locations:


  • Ann Atwater (1935–2016), American civil rights activist
  • Barry Atwater (1918–1978), American actor
  • Caleb Atwater (1778–1867), American politician, historian, and early archaeologist
  • Dorence Atwater (1845–1910), American civil war soldier known for keeping the "Atwater List" of Union fatalities
  • Edwin Atwater (1808–1874), municipal alderman in Montreal for the district of Saint-Antoine
  • Harry Atwater, professor of physics at California Institute of Technology
  • Helen W. Atwater (1876–1947), American author, home economist and editor
  • Isaac Atwater (1818–1906), American jurist
  • Jeff Atwater (born 1958), American politician
  • Lee Atwater (1951–1991), American Republican political strategist
  • P. M. H. Atwater (born 1937), near-death experience researcher and author of several books on the field, such as Beyond the Light and Future Memory
  • Reuben Atwater (1768–1831), American politician
  • Richard and Florence Atwater (1892–1948; 1899–1979), authors of the children's book Mr. Popper's Penguins
  • Steve Atwater (born 1966), former Denver Broncos and New York Jets Free Safety
  • Tanya Atwater (born 1942), professor of geological sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara who specializes in plate tectonics
  • Tony Atwater, president of Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Wilbur Olin Atwater (1844–1907), American developer of the respiration calorimeter
  • William Atwater (curator) (born 1945), Director of the U.S. Army Ordnance Museum in Maryland