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Developer(s) Junjiro Okajima
Full name Advanced multi layered unification filesystem
Introduced 2006
File system permissions POSIX
Supported operating systems Linux via third-party kernel module

aufs (short for advanced multi-layered unification filesystem) implements a union mount for Linux file systems. The name is an acronym which originally stood for AnotherUnionFS, but since version 2 it stands for "advanced multi-layered unification filesystem".

Developed by Junjiro Okajima in 2006,[1] aufs is a complete rewrite of the earlier UnionFS. It aimed to improve reliability and performance, but also introduced some new concepts, like writable branch balancing,[2] and other improvements – some of which are now implemented in the UnionFS 2.x branch.

aufs was rejected for merging into mainline Linux. Its code was criticized for being "dense, unreadable, and uncommented".[3] Instead, OverlayFS was merged in the Linux kernel.[4][5] After several attempts, the author has given it up.[6]


Docker originally used aufs for container filesystem layers. It is still available as one of the supported storage backends.

Several Linux distributions have chosen aufs as a replacement for UnionFS, including:

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