Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise

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Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise
Directed by Mark Griffiths
Produced by Jody Brockway
Craig McNeil
Jeff Sherman
Written by Jeffrey C. Sherman
Starring Gregory Harrison
Heidi Saban
Edited by John Gilbert
Distributed by ABC Family
Release dates
March 15, 2009
Country United States
Language English

Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise, is a 2009 romantic comedy and is the third and final installment in the Au Pair trilogy, aired on ABC Family on March 15, 2009, and is the first of the trilogy to be made under the control of Disney.


Eight years have passed since the events of Au Pair, and newly graduated as his high school's valedictorian, Alexander Caldwell joins his visiting sister, college freshman Katie and her roommate Ariana on a family summer vacation with father Oliver and stepmother Jenny. Oliver and Jenny's current nanny declines to join them and the over-worked parents/executives must take care of their newborn baby Sarah in Puerto Rico.

Amidst corporate scheming by the young company CFO Walter Hausen, who is planning a takeover of Oliver's company CCI Tekhausen (formed in Au Pair II), Oliver and Jenny must contend with bridging the generation gap with the family, new career motivations and the romances of their 'newly reformed' prankster kids.


  • Gregory Harrison as Oliver Caldwell
  • Heidi Saban as Jennifer 'Jenny' Caldwell
  • Katie Volding as Katie 'Kate' Caldwell
  • Jake Dinwiddie as Alexander 'Alex' Caldwell
  • Gerrit Graham as Rupert, the brother of Oliver's now-retired chauffeur Nigel
  • Bradley White as Walter Hausen
  • Brian Tester as Brentfield Academy Headmaster
  • Kathleen Mealia as Ariana
  • Rafa Alvarez as Bodyguard 2
  • Ciaran Tyrrell as Danny Taylor

Series continuity[edit]

Oliver mentions Walter Hausen's father with great respect (Karl Hausen), but Walter was not present during the events of Au Pair II. Walter may be Brigitte's (Au Pair II) father, but this is never established during this film.

Production history[edit]

The first two films in the franchise were made when ABC Family was co-owned by the News Corporation (parent company of 20th Century Fox and the Fox Broadcasting Company); and Haim Saban (founder of Saban Entertainment) as Fox Family.

Au Pair 3 is also the first without Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl Saban, who wrote the script for the first two films. However, the other screenwriters remain, as does the director, Mark Griffiths. According to Gregory Harrison's official site, the filming was done in April and May.[1] The synopsis is now available on ABC Family.[2]

Unlike the first two, which took place in Europe, this film takes place in Puerto Rico. The Caldwell's beach house scenes were filmed in Rincón Ocean Villa in Rincón (accessible from Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla) which is about 2 hours away from the Old San Juan, where the film also takes place. Other filming locations in Puerto Rico include the main lobby inside the Puerto Rico Convention Center as well as the exterior building posing as Oliver's company's office in Puerto Rico and El Yunque National Forest's visitor center posing as the laboratories for Oliver's company.

Over 5 million viewers tuned in for the premiere of Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise.


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