Au Revoir, UFO

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Au Revoir, UFO
Au Revoir UFO movie poster.jpg
Hangul !
Hanja ! 유에프오
Revised Romanization Annyeong! Yuepeuo
McCune–Reischauer Annyŏng! Yuepŭo
Directed by Kim Jin-min
Produced by Kim Jae-won
Written by Kim Ji-hye
Lee Hae-jun
Lee Hae-young
Starring Lee Beom-soo
Lee Eun-ju
Music by Kim Tae-seong
Cinematography Lee Doo-man
Edited by Kim Hyeon
Distributed by Tube Entertainment
Release date
  • January 30, 2004 (2004-01-30)
Running time
105 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Au Revoir, UFO (Hangul안녕!유에프오; RRAnnyeong! UFO) is a 2004 South Korean film.


Sang-hyeon is a bus driver who lives out his daydreams by recording his own "radio shows" for the people who ride his bus. He falls in love with Kyeong-woo, a blind woman who has moved into his neighbourhood, but pretends to be someone else.



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