Au nom du Christ

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Au nom du Christ
Au Nom Du Christ.jpg
Directed by Roger Gnoan M’Bala
Produced by Amka Films Productions, S.A.
Screenplay by Roger Gnoan M’Bala, Jean-Marie Adiaffi, Bernin Akaffou
Starring Pierre Gondo, Naky Savane, Akissi Delta, Felix Lago, Martin Guedeba
Music by Paul Wassaba
Cinematography Mohammed Soudani
Edited by Djangoye Amoussy
Release date
Running time
85 min
Country Côte d'Ivoire

Au nom du Christ is a 1993 film from Côte d'Ivoire. It won the Grand Prize for Best Film at the FESPACO Film Festival and Nominated for the Golden Leopard Award at the Locarno International Film Festival in 1993.[1]


In this scathing satirical drama that takes place in a village of West Africa, an untutored pig-keeper who has been thrown out of his home falls into a river and has a vision which sends him back to his people to save them for Jesus Christ, introducing himself as Magloire I, “the cousin of Christ.” A little crazy, a little robber, while some think he is a charlatan and others think he is a prodigy, he reigns as an absolute master and pushes his convictions to extremes, like being crucified. This movie recalls with humour the proliferation of pseudo-Christian sects and the outrageous acts they can convey in a continent like Africa, tossed about tradition, modernity and power.


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