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'Aubit-4gl' is a free-ware, open-source, clone-compiler for IBM Informix-4GL with extensions.[1] Free downloads are available.[2] This 4gl generates Embedded SQL/C, which is further expanded into low level C (programming language) code by the C pre-processor and; which in turn, is finally compiled into machine code specific to a particular CPU architecture.


  • Embedded SQL
  • Connectivity to wide range of databases
  • A report writer
  • A forms compiler component
  • Conventional 3GL statements, variables and arrays
  • Memory structure definitions like data base tables or columns
  • Functions and C (programming language) code extensibility
  • Libraries of existing code
  • Extensions to the basic IBM Informix-4GL as well as supporting extensions from other clones
  • Uses the GCC compiler by default with "gnu make"


Mike Aubury created the compiler. The Source Forge site was created on Mon 11 of Jul, 2005.


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