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Robert Aubrey Oxlade (born 16 February 1882 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – died 13 September 1955, known as Aubrey Oxlade) was an Australian cricket administrator. Oxlade was born in 1882, the son of Robert Oxlade (1855–1920) and Sara Stanton (1851–1926).[1]

He joined Manly Warringah District Cricket Club in 1910, and was later President of the club.[2][3] He also acted as the club delegate to the New South Wales Cricket Association.[2] He was later the treasurer and secretary of the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket and was elected chairman between 1927–1930; 1933–1936; 1945–1948 and 1951–1952.[4]

Outside cricket, Oxlade was a solicitor.[2] He married Charlotte Nellie Broad in 1911.[1]


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