Aubrey Peak (Hualapai Mountains)

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Aubrey Peak
Grooms Peak
Aubrey Peak is located in Arizona
Aubrey Peak
Aubrey Peak
Location in Arizona
Highest point
Elevation5,080 ft (1,548 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence858 ft (262 m) [2]
Coordinates34°39′47″N 113°43′45″W / 34.663193347°N 113.7292486°W / 34.663193347; -113.7292486Coordinates: 34°39′47″N 113°43′45″W / 34.663193347°N 113.7292486°W / 34.663193347; -113.7292486[1]
LocationMohave County, Arizona, U.S.
Parent rangeHualapai Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Aubrey Peak
Age of rock1.7–1.4 mya
Mountain typeGranite, with feldspar
Easiest routeHike (1 mile)

Aubrey Peak, also known as Grooms Peak,[3] is a summit located 35 miles east-northeast of Lake Havasu City in Mohave County, Arizona and is in the Hualapai Mountains.

The peak can approached from the town of Wikieup on U.S. Route 93 by way of Chicken Springs Road which ascends to a saddle on the mountains southeast flank.

The Aubrey Peak is profiled in Hiking Arizona's Geology, as Hike 29, Aubrey Peak Road.[4]


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