Auburn National Bancorporation

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Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc.
Public limited company
Industry Financial
Founded 1907
Headquarters Auburn, AL
Area served
Key people
E. Spencer
(Chairman & CEO)
Services deposit, loans,Visa Checkcards, ATM
Revenue Increase US$ 031.380 million(2012)[1]
Increase US$ 022.539 million (2012)[1]
Total assets Increase US$ 0701.438 million (2012)[1]
Total equity Increase US$ 0277.241 million (2012)[1]
Number of employees
161 (2013)[2]

Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc. is a bank holding company, the Company’s business is primarily the management of the Auburn Bank, which is an Alabama state member bank.[3] The Bank offers financial products and services including checking, savings and lending.[4] The bank is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta (the “FHLB”), its operation is regulated by the Federal Reserve and the Alabama Superintendent of Banks.[1]


In 1907, Sheldon (Shel) L. Toomer, a successful businessman actively involved with community activities, established Bank of Auburn (now Auburn Bank) with his fellow merchants and faculty friends, The bank was located in the heart of downtown Auburn, which was an educational center in the early twentieth century. [5]

In 1964, the managers decided to change the bank name to Auburn National Bank.[5]

In 1991, the Bank became a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta (the “FHLB”),[1] and in 1995, they changed the bank’s name again to Auburn Bank, which is also the bank’s current name.[5]


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