Auch Cathedral

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Auch Cathedral
Cathédrale d'Auch 01.jpg
Auch Cathedral, west front
Basic information
Location France Auch
Geographic coordinates 43°38′47″N 0°35′9″E / 43.64639°N 0.58583°E / 43.64639; 0.58583Coordinates: 43°38′47″N 0°35′9″E / 43.64639°N 0.58583°E / 43.64639; 0.58583
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Year consecrated 12 February 1548
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Cathedral
Architectural description
Groundbreaking 1489

Auch Cathedral Basilica ( Basilique Cathédrale Sainte-Marie d'Auch) is a Roman Catholic cathedral, and a national monument of France, located in the town of Auch in the Midi-Pyrénées. It is the seat of the Archbishopric of Auch, which under the Concordat of 1801 was suppressed and added to the Diocese of Agen, but restored in 1822.

The cathedral contains a suite of 18 Renaissance stained glass windows by Arnaud de Moles.

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