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Edo is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 7°04′N 6°16′E / 7.067°N 6.267°E / 7.067; 6.267
StateEdo State
Aerial view of Auchi Town captured by a drone overhead the Arafat Mosque
Auchi-Jattu Road

Auchi is the second-largest city in Edo State, Nigeria, after Benin City, the capital[1].

Auchi is located in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State currently serves as the Local Government headquarters. Other towns in Etsako West local government area includes; Uzairue, South Ibie, Agbede and The Anwain Clan. During the British colonial rule, it was the headquarters of the Kukuruku Division, the administrative headquarters of five districts. Auchi is also the root of one of the largest families in the world, the Momoh family. It is the home of Auchi Polytechnic.


The language spoken by the Auchi people is Etsako. It is an Edoid language dialect or variant although the language is commonly referred to by the same name as the people: Auchi.


There are varied historical accounts relating to the origins of the Auchi people. The most popular of these legends asserts that a mass migration from Udo in present-day Benin City led by a man called Uchi accompanied by his family and followers headed north and finally settled for the relative calm of the Guinea Savannah belt known today as Etsako land.[citation needed] This migration is believed to have taken place in the mid-15th century, during the reign of Oba Ewuare of the Benin Kingdom.[citation needed] This period in the Benin empire was characterised by constant wars and incessant strife.[citation needed]


This section of the River Orle runs through Oshiomole Village in Auchi
The River Orle
Auchi Central Mosque, Ughelli Market Annex
Central Mosque Auchi

Auchi town is divided into five grand quarters which could also be referred to as districts; these are in turn made up of 25 villages.

The five grand quarters are:



Auchi historically is an secular town. Since the early 1990s, there has been an influx of Christian churches setting up base in Auchi and the surrounding towns. Prior to that, Auchi had a Catholic church and Anglican Church established in the early 1950s, which also opened a school and educated the irrespective of religion, they all live peacefully. The welcoming and hospitable nature of the Auchi people has to a very large extent contributed to the cultural and religious diversity in Auchi.[citation needed]


The population grew to 42,638 by 1952, including people from many Nigerian tribes.

As of 1995, its population was 140,612. As of 2005–2006, currently, the population is about 150,000 persons. Auchi has in recent years been amongst the fastest growing cities in Nigeria.[citation needed]

Culture and traditions[edit]

Auchi Kingdom is headed by a monarchy and the traditional ruler is referred to as the Otaru of Auchi.

The 8th of January is designated as Auchi Day. This commemorative day was previously called Uchi Day.

List of Otarus (traditional kings)[edit]

The Otaru of Auchi accompanied by the Daudus (chiefs)
  • HRH Alhaji Aliru H. Momoh (Ikelebe III) 10th Otaru of Auchi (1996 -)
  • HRH Alhaji A Guruza Momoh, the 9th Otaru of Auchi (1973 - 1996)
  • HRH Abubakar Keremi Momoh, The 8th Otaru of Auchi (1955 - 1970)
  • HRH King Momoh Jimah Momoh, the 7th Otaru of Auchi (1945 - 1955)
  • HRH King Momoh Idao, the 6th Otaru of Auchi (1919 - 1944)
  • HRH Ikharo Ikelebe, the 5th Otaru of Auchi (1905 - 1919)
  • Odifili, the 4th Otaru of Auchi (1905)
  • 'Idao Ikelebe, the 3rd Otaru of Auchi (1884 - 1905)
  • Imoudu Iburogamhe, the 2nd Otaru of Auchi (1872-1884)[citation needed]
  • Ikelebe the first, 1st Otaru of Auchi (1819 - 1861)[citation needed]

Institutions and infrastructure[edit]

Auchi is home to:

  • Auchi Polytechnic
  • Nigerian Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Edo Fertilizer Milling Plant (commenced operation in June 2017)[2]
  • Zenith Bank
  • UBA
  • GTB
  • Access Bank
  • Eco Bank
  • First Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Skye Bank
  • Unity Bank
  • Uchi Microfinance Bank


Erosion Devastation in Auchi

Some parts of Auchi have been seriously devastated due to soil erosion. The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), assisted by the World Bank, are now tackling the menace and are making fast progress.[3]


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