Auckland Savings Bank Building

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Auckland Savings Bank Building
Auckland Savings Bank Outside, McDonalds.jpg
The facade of the former bank.
Alternative names McDonalds Queen Street
General information
Architectural style Neo-renaissance
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Address 260 Queen Street
Current tenants McDonald's
Completed 1884
Designated 27-Jul-1988
Reference no. 4473
Parts of the old interiors are still visible.

Built in 1884 and located at 260 Queen Street, Auckland, this building was formerly owned by the Auckland Savings Bank. In 1977, the building became a McDonald's restaurant, the first in Auckland and only the second in New Zealand (behind Porirua).[1] Much of the facade and interiors have been renovated and the original bank vault still remains in use as a stockroom.[citation needed]

Designed by Edward Bartley, the facade was inspired by Italian Renaissance palazzi, a style much used by commerce and banking during some eras. It is one of the few remaining buildings on Queen Street that is over a hundred years old.[2]


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Coordinates: 36°51′01″S 174°45′54″E / 36.8502°S 174.7650°E / -36.8502; 174.7650