Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti

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Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti
Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Nanni Loy
Produced by Franco Cristaldi
Written by Agenore Incrocci
Furio Scarpelli
Nanni Loy (dialogue)
Starring Vittorio Gassman, Renato Salvatori and Claudia Cardinale.
Music by Piero Umiliani
Cinematography Roberto Gerardi
Edited by Mario Serandrei
Distributed by Titanus
Release date
December 1959 (Italy)
Running time
105 minutes
  • Italy
  • France[1]
Language Italian

Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti (also known as Fiasco in Milan or Hold-up à la milanaise) is a 1959 Italian comedy crime film directed by Nanni Loy. The film stars Vittorio Gassman, Renato Salvatori and Claudia Cardinale.

It is the sequel to Mario Monicelli's I soliti ignoti.


A Milanese gangster contacts Peppe (Gassman); he has identified him and his accomplices as the perpetrators of the bungled attempt at the Madonna street pawn shop.

His offer is to reunite the same men for a daring robbery in Milan, where the local offices of football betting pool Totocalcio shift the weekly revenue on Sunday afternoon via a common car with just an accountant and a driver in it. The gang would have to travel north from Rome disguised among the supporters of A.S. Roma going to Milan for a football match, commit the robbery and then flee to Bologna via a souped-up car there to rejoin the returning sport fans.

The Milanese seems tough and smart and his proposal sounds very inviting for the small-time crooks who all have their problems trying to lead an "honest" life, but things will go differently.


Actor Role
Vittorio Gassman Peppe er pantera
Renato Salvatori Mario Angeletti
Claudia Cardinale Carmela Nicosia
Nino Manfredi Ugo Nardi, named "Piede Amaro"
Vicky Ludovici Floriana
Riccardo Garrone Il milanese
Tiberio Murgia Ferribotte
Carlo Pisacane Capannelle
Gianni Bonagura Totocalcio accountant
Gina Amendola
(as Luigina Amendola)
Clara Bindi
(as Clara Bini)
Elena Fabrizi
(as Lella Fabrizi)
Mauro Lemma Gianni
Gastone Moschin Bookseller
Elvira Tonelli
Toni Ucci Totocalcio driver


Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti opened in Rome in December 1959.[2] It was shown later in Paris in August 1962 with the title Hold-up la milanaise.[2]


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