Audax, Ditalcus and Minurus

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Audax, Ditalcus and Minurus were the supposed assassins of the Lusitanian leader Viriathus.

In 139 BC, after a long war against the Romans, Viriathus was killed in his sleep by Audax (Latin meaning audacious), Ditalcus and Minurus (Latin meaning diminish), who had been sent as emissaries to the Romans and had been bribed by Marcus Popillius Laenas. The Roman general Servilius Caepio had them executed,[citation needed] declaring "Rome does not pay traitors". According to Appian, Servilius Caepio had paid them and sent them to Rome to collect the rest of the promised payment.

Diodorus says the third killer (Minurus) is called Nicorontes, while Appian calls him Minouros. Another account by Sextus Aurelius Victor says that Caepio paid two royal guards ("satellites") to kill Viriathus.[1]

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