Audi Type C

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Audi Type C
MHV Audi Typ C Alpensieger 1914 01.jpg
ManufacturerAudi Automobilwerke GmbH Zwickau
Also calledAudi 14 / 35
Engine3560 cc 4 cylinder
SuccessorAudi Type K
The fashionable "boat deck" style rear end of an Alpine Rally winning Audi Type C

The Audi Type C was introduced in 1912. It became popular with the German people and Army, being brought back into production for a couple of years after the war. Its performance, handling and reliability along with rally successes greatly raised Audi's profile,[1] and the Type C was a commercial success. 1,116 cars were produced.[2]

It featured a four cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 3,564 cc, with a maximum output of 35 PS (26 kW; 35 hp) at 1800 rpm. The Type C had a maximum speed of 90 km/h (56 mph).[3]

From 1912 through to 1914, the Audi Type C completed the Austrian Alpine Rally, winning in these three successive years. The Austrian Alpine Rally was one of the most competitive motorsport endurance races of the era.[1]


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