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AudioConexus Inc. is a GPS Tour Media and Entertainment company that produces audio tours and GPS tours for boats, buses, trolleys, trains, and trams. The company also offers GPS triggered Automated Next Stop Messaging and location-based advertising services (GPS Audio) for the mass transportation industry. The company's head office is in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The company launched the world's first wireless GPS tour system on tour boats, providing location-based audio tours in six languages simultaneously in the Thousand Islands.[1] It also installed the world's first GPS tour train setup in America using wireless receivers in Ohio on Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway. GPS Audio Tour systems are installed in each train car. Tour commentaries are triggered by GPS waypoints at precisely the right moment, regardless of whether passengers are located in the front or back of the train.[2]

AudioConexus Inc. began as a GPS audio tour company, founded in 2006 to create audio tours utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.[citation needed] Audio tours are delivered in multiple languages simultaneously.

In 2007, AudioConexus launched GPS Audio Systems for the mass-transportation industry to address the need for accessible mass-transit for the hearing and visually impaired. The company also offers services for museums, art galleries, attractions and historic sites.[3]

AudioConexus works with international distributors in the United States, Australia, Chile, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.[4]


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