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Audiobulb Records is a Sheffield based independent record label holding a global artist roster – brought together under the banner of ‘exploratory electronic music’. The label was founded in 2003 by David Newman with the aim of promoting a new generation of innovative electronic artists. Audiobulb Records has promoted artists by releasing physical CDs, digital download albums, online multi-media pieces and custom audio software and hardware. The work of the label has been featured on various known publications, from XLR8R to The Wire magazine.

Audiobulb Records is also the home of open access projects including "Root of Sine" & "Endless Endless".

Artist roster[edit]

  • A Dancing Beggar
  • Autistici
  • Calika
  • Claudia
  • Disastrato
  • He Can Jog
  • Henry Leo Duclos
  • Monty Adkins
  • OTI
  • papercutz
  • Tatsuro Kojima
  • The Hole Punch Generation
  • Ultre


Cat # Artist Title
AB064 Aria Rostami Sibbe
AB063 Tatsuro Kojima Refraction and Reflection
AB062 Autistici Live At Electric Spring
AB061 How To Cure Our Soul Saigon
AB060 Build Buildings A Generation Of Books
AB059 Quiet Noise Audible Life
AB058 Monty Adkins Borderlands
AB057 Matthias Grübel The Longest Year In History
AB056 Man Eats Fish Recollective
AB055 Yuki Aida & Tomotsugu Nakamura Ēchóchrōma
AB054 Russ Young Common Pond
AB053 Kein In Bloom
AB052 Xumla Statix
AB051 Monty Adkins Rift Patterns
AB050 Attaching Softness Autistici
AB049 Aria Rostami Uniform
AB048 The OO-Ray Astoria
AB047 Aria Rostami Form
AB046 Justin Varis Mountains
AB045 Luis Garcia Between Walks
AB044 Szymon Kaliski Out of Forgetting
AB043 Marihiko Hara Nostalghia
AB042 Pascal Savy The Silent Watcher
AB041 Causeyoufair There I Lay and Time Imperfections
AB040 Monty Adkins Four Shibusa
AB039 Tatsuro Kojima 16g
AB038 Various Exhibits 1
AB037 Swimming Ellipses
AB036 A Dancing Beggar Follow The Darkness As If It Were Light
AB035 Monty Adkins Fragile.Flicker.Fragment.
AB034 The Hole Punch Generation The Hole Punch Generation
AB033 The Hole Punch Generation Conversations
AB032 Autistici (Reworked) Resonating Wires
AB031 Calika Blood Embrace
AB030 Autistici Slow Temperature
AB029 :Papercutz / Various Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)
AB028 Autistici Detached Metal Voice - Early Works (Vol I)
AB027 Milinal Honey Meridian
AB026 Various Favourite Places
AB025 Bluermutt Uncertain Data Packed In Red Boxes
AB024 Calika Crooked
AB023 Various Birmingham Sound Matter
AB022 NQ Inscription
AB021 Hans van Eck BassBox
AB020 Jimmy Behan The Echo Garden
AB017 He Can Jog Middlemarch
AB019 Craque Supple
AB018 Ultre The Nest and the Skull
AB017 He Can Jog Middlemarch
AB016 Various Artists 1 Favourite Places
AB015 Calika Seedling Mother
AB014 Effacer A Study In Multiband Granular Synthesis
AB013 Ultre All The Darkness Has Gone To Details
AB012 Claudia We've Met Before, When We Were...
AB011 Various Artists Exhibition #3
AB010 Henry Leo Duclos The Fall of My Church
AB009 Calika Small Talk Kills Me
AB008 OTI Recollection
AB007 Disastrato Dissecting Disastratos
AB006 Various Artists Intricate Maximals
AB005 Taavi Tulev & v3ga Installation #2
AB004 Various Artists Switches
AB003 Marion & Zevan Rosser Installation #1
AB002 Various Artists Exhibition #2
AB001 Various Artists Exhibition #1

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