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Audiopax is a Brazilian manufacturer of innovative hi-fi audio amplifiers and speakers. The company's products are designed by its founder Eduardo de Lima.

The company's flagship amplifier, the Model 88 monophonic tube power amplifier, incorporates several unique circuit and component designs aimed at increasing the emotional and technical immediacy and accuracy of sound reproduction:

  • ASTAT (Asymmetrical Series-Twin Amplifier Topology): each Model 88 monoblock is made of two completely independent power amplifiers housed in one chassis and series connected at the output. ASTAT combines very carefully controlled - but slightly different - output transformers connected in series.
  • PTS (Perfect Triode Simulator output stage circuit): this output stage "clones" a virtual "perfect audio triode", blending the midrange of a classical 300B tube with the increased power and "ease of presentation" of a top class 211 tube without impacting "rightness of tone" such as produced by the 2A3 or 45 tubes. The PTS output stage uses two KT88 tubes in a proprietary circuit to achieve this goal.
  • MPS (Matched Power Supply): the amplifier has an independent matched power supply for each output tube enabling higher than typical transient speed and waveform definition with exceptionally low noise.
  • Timbre Lock: This circuit enables adjusting the bias of each of the twin internal amplifiers separately in real time for tuning the interaction between the amplifiers and whatever loudspeaker they are connect to. These adjustments have a subtle but profound impact on musical articulation, high frequency smoothness and bass extension.

Several reviews of the model 88 are available in specialized magazines in print and online and acknowledge the innovative design of this amplifier. The Stereophile Recommended Components, the reference USA magazine for audio high-end, has been listing the model 88 since 2003 in the highest category for tube amplifiers - Class A with a star for more than 3 years in a row.

The Audiopax amplifiers and loudspeakers with all the innovations have been in several high-end audio shows in the past including the Consumer Electronics Show high-end sector in Las Vegas and shows in London, Oslo, São Paulo and other cities around the world. Some of the presentations have earned great comments from many different sources in print and online.

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